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BOSCH IP 3000i Cameras. Extend Smart Video Security to General Surveillance Applications...

Bosch is introducing another industry first with the all-new range of IP 3000i cameras. These security solutions offer all the core advantages you would expect from Bosch. They’re built for high-quality, 24/7 performance with a range of reliable surveillance features, and they’re designed for easy installation.

But they also offer something that the market has never seen before in such competitively-priced cameras; built-in Essential Video Analytics as standard. It opens up new possibilities for IoT applications and smart data capture that help to improve security and even go beyond it with video analytics features such as detecting blocked emergency exits or queue notification. Smart solutions that until now, have not been available to customers looking for a cost-effective video surveillance solution.


Professional surveillance for everyone

The Bosch IP 3000i portfolio includes a range of four form factors that are highly affordable for customers requiring a simple, small-scale security solution.

The FLEXIDOME IP micro 3000i is a fixed micro dome camera for indoor use. The FLEXIDOME IP 3000i IR is an AVF mini dome camera for outdoor use. The DINION IP 3000i IR is an AVF bullet camera for outdoor use. And finally, the FLEXIDOME IP turret is a fixed turret camera for indoor use – a completely new form factor in the Bosch portfolio that, like the bullet camera, will be available in Q1 2020.

All Bosch IP 3000i outdoor models are rated IK10 for high impact resistance and can withstand challenging weather conditions because of their IP66 rating.

Even general security applications rely on excellent image quality to safeguard people, premises, and property. With this in mind, Bosch IP 3000i cameras offer resolutions from 1080p up to 5MP, up to 30 fps and a High Dynamic Range of 120dB. The outdoor models also have built-in infrared as standard, enabling them to capture high-quality images – even in complete darkness. The FLEXIDOME IP turret camera also has this infrared feature for indoor surveillance...

Facewatch and Vista deliver game-changing, facial recognition solution to the security industry...

Facewatch is one of the UK’s leading facial recognition providers offering a cloud-based crime deterrent system to safeguard businesses against unwanted behaviour. Conforming fully with current GDPR guidelines, their facial recognition software sends users instant alerts when subjects of interest enter their business premises.

Retail crime is a growing problem
With the pressure on Police Forces across the UK, it is difficult for officers to respond to shoplifting and bad behaviour and for this reason in 2019 only 7% of retail crime was reported to the Police. Retailers have had to resort to different tactics, including employing security staff and putting in more and more physical security, making their retail spaces less inviting to customers. Facewatch provides a less intrusive and lower cost alternative to many of these measures.

Quotation from Helen Dickinson OBE, - Chief Executive, British Retail Consortium “The total cost of crime has again increased - to around £900 million. Together with the £1 billion spent on prevention, crime now accounts for around £1.9 billion in losses to the industry. At a time when retail is undergoing a dramatic reinvention, with technology changing the way we shop, businesses can ill-afford to be burdened by these huge crime-related costs”...

Physical security and the cloud - The future is Video Surveillance ‘as a Service’ (VSaaS)

Rodrigue Zbinden, CEO at Morphean, looks at the future of cloud-enabled video surveillance and considers the benefits of the VSaaS model.

The physical security industry, traditionally video surveillance cameras (CCTV) and access control, is standing at an important inflection point. Cloud infrastructure is now well established as an enabling factor for connecting platforms and services that is cost effective and safe, and the business benefits of doing so are clear. But this trend isn’t reflected across all industries.

As more security equipment becomes connected to the wider network, the data that it generates can be used for a much wider variety of purposes beyond protection of people and assets. Morphean is already looking at ways in which AI and machine learning can draw insights from video footage, analysing retail store footage to both improve customer experience and enhance security capabilities.

But adoption of cloud among physical security professionals is slow. We know this, because Morphean commissioned an independent survey to establish the attitudes of business decision makers towards the cloud in the UK, France and Germany. The results of this survey were revealing and, in some cases, unexpected. There’s a high degree of confidence in the cloud around email, CRM, ERP and HR; an understanding of its benefits; but adoption remains lower than in other business critical areas...

News Levels of Night Visibility with the Panasonic Infra-Red PTZ Security Cameras

Designed for clear night-time visibility, intelligent functionality and low total cost of ownership – Panasonic’s latest i-PRO Extreme PTZ Infra-Red security cameras set a new benchmark in night-time visual quality and intelligent functionality, packaged in a device designed for reliability and low-level maintenance to deliver lower total cost of ownership. There are two models in the IR PTZ camera range: the WV-X6533LN model with a powerful 40x zoom and the WV-S6532LN with 22x zoom...

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Mayflex Is Now Distributing Hikvision Security Solutions

Mayflex, the cabling infrastructure, networking and electronic security solutions distributor, is now actively distributing the Hikvision product portfolio, following the initial announcement of the new partnership, back in December 2019. The team of security specialists at Mayflex will place a particular focus on the IP solutions available...

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MOBOTIX Receives

MOBOTIX has been awarded “Secure by Default” certification in the UK. The certification for the new MOBOTIX 7 platform includes the new IP video system M73, launched at the MOBOTIX Global Partner Conference in October 2019, as well as the Mx6 product line. This highlights MOBOTIX’ ongoing focus on cyber security and privacy protection...

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Mitsubishi Electric launches next generation LCD display

Mitsubishi Electric will launch the latest version of its high-end LCD videowall system at ISE 2020. The LM55P4 is the latest iteration of Mitsubishi Electric’s flagship 55” professional-grade LCD monitor, which has been successfully employed in a wide variety of mission-critical control room installations around the world...

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Vista & Facewatch Bring GDPR Compliant Facial Recognition Solution to Market

Vista CCTV and Facewatch, the UKs leading retail crime deterrent solution using facial recognition, are excited to announce their new partnership to deliver facial recognition software to the security industry. This new alliance offers large and small business owners alike the opportunity to secure their establishments against low level crime without needing to replace any current cameras or systems...

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