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Craig Swallow, Lone Worker Section Chairman, BSIA...

A wide variety of organisations and industry sectors employ people whose jobs require them to work or operate alone, either regularly or occasionally. Lone working has been widely accepted within our society and as the definition of a lone worker broadens, more and more people are needing solution.

There are more than six million people in the UK working either in isolation or without direct supervision, often in places or circumstances that put them at potential risk.

Almost by definition, lone working can potentially be both intimidating and at times dangerous, so the protection of lone workers involves a twofold approach; not only to provide safeguards but also to offer reassurance to the people involved.

The number of UK employers deploying lone worker solutions continues to grow at pace and is now being accelerated as new technologies like the use of video start to become a reality. Employers are not only in tune with the need for legislative compliance but more and more, they are recognising the risk of reputational brand damage, high staff churn, impact on staff wellbeing and the increased insurance costs that can exist if lone workers are left to fend for themselves.

Here at the BSIA, all section members are focusing hard on helping employers remove these risks and better protect their mobile staff. The section is also focused on the continued demonstration that expertly managed lone worker alarms can also significantly reduce the unnecessary Police time that is often wasted in handling false or poorly catagorised alarms.

All BSIA section members hold a collective goal to verify a lone worker alarm and understand its severity level as soon as possible and then escalate it based on this. So, in short, the Police are only involved when there is a clear and direct risk to personal safety.

UK employers should be proud of their proactive stance in stamping out lone worker risk. Not only does it genuinely help with improved employer/employee relations and cost reduction, but it also places UK employers at the forefront when compared to other countries, some of whom are lagging when it comes to strong legislative support and an appreciation for staff wellbeing.

There is the offer of guidance for lone worker across different industries on the BSIA website, which offer support on ethics, HR, Health and Safety, Standards and choosing a lone worker service. It is definitely worth taking a look at these or contacting the BSIA directly with any further questions.


The Office of National Statistics (ONS) estimates that there are around six million lone workers in the UK. Employers have a legal duty of care to safeguard any lone workers whilst they carry out their activities and Reliance Protect has the experience and expertise to provide the best possible solutions.

Lone workers carry out their duties alone without close or direct supervision – and there are more of them now than ever before. Cleaners, security personnel, social workers, traffic wardens, estate agents, tradespeople, delivery drivers, postal workers and those employed in the retail sector are just some of those who are at a heightened risk from theft, violence and assault, slips, trips and falls.

Safety first

Lone worker safety technology can summon aid in the event of an emergency, generating 2 way audio calls that can be monitored and managed, generate important audio and location information that can then be used as evidence, and confirm the safety or whereabouts of an individual by allowing them to check in or out of the safety service.

There is now an array of options available, ranging from bespoke personal safety devices in a variety of forms utilising voice, data, GPS location and incapacity detection, to body worn cameras that can record and live stream HD video and audio, as well as smartphone applications - all of which can connect employees quickly to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) to manage the situations and escalate appropriate responses...

SoloProtect and bpha announce worker safety link up, involving use of Body Worn Video with the ID Pro:...

Housing Association embraces innovation in the sector, whilst delivering comprehensive protection for employees. SoloProtect, the international lone worker solution provider, has announced an addition to its customer relationship with bpha, the Bedford based Housing Association that manages over 19,000 homes across the Oxford to Cambridge arc.

bpha, keen to innovate and aware of the benefits that emerging lone worker technology can bring, has chosen to trial a Body Worn Video (BWV) enabled solution from SoloProtect, to deliver comprehensive protection to employees.

Already a well-established user of SoloProtect, bpha has recently supplied four of its Housing Officers with The SoloProtect ID Pro, with a view to rolling out this type of device to a wider group of staff, if the trial is successful.

SoloProtect has delivered lone worker technology for use by over 300,000 lone workers, since inception in 2003. The company remains at the forefront of the lone worker industry and continues to strive to offer solutions that are innovative and highly accessible to users, with a high level of customer service, and a clear return on investment for the deploying organisation...

Protecting lone workers - How to manage the risks of working alone

The Health and Safety Executive has launched a new booklet on Protecting lone workers: How to control the risks of working alone. 2. This guidance explains how to keep lone workers healthy and safe.

This guidance explains how to keep lone workers healthy and safe. It is for anyone who employs lone workers, or engages them as contractors etc, including self-employed people or those who work alone. Lone workers face the same hazards at work as anyone else, but there is a greater risk of these hazards causing harm as they may not have anyone to help or support them if things go wrong. As an employer, you should provide training, supervision, monitoring and support for lone workers...

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Altrincham-based security specialist receives seven-figure funding from Lombard

Security specialist AVR Group has secured a £2 million funding package from Lombard Technology Sales to drive forward its ambitious growth plans...

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New wave of UK universities adopts SafeZone solution.

SafeZone solution seen as must-have security technology to attract students. A new wave of UK universities is adopting CriticalArc’s SafeZone® service for improved campus security, including the University of Greenwich, University of South Wales, University of East Anglia, University of Manchester and University of Central Lancashire...

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Vismo Global Tracking Solutions launches its next generation secure tracking portal and enhanced tracking app

Vismo Global Tracking Solutions – vismo.com - today launches a major upgrade of Vismo, a next generation tracking portal and mobile tracking app that integrates with the portal and can be used on smartphones, tablets, personal GPS trackers and satellite devices...

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