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Brivo exists 20 years in 2020 and has 20 million users worldwide

Brivo is celebrating 20 years of innovation in cloud-based physical security systems this year. Originally founded in 1999, Brivo began developing cloud-based access control solutions in 2000. At the time, the security industry was dominated by on-premise client-server technology which operated on Local Area Networks. Today, the Brivo cloud platform boasts over 20 million users in 42 countries, all using these services transparently wherever their assets happen to be located.

Having come from the dot-com world, Brivo’s founders saw Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) as a better way to provide a multi-tenant access control platform that served both end users and integrators with greater functionality and better economics. At the time, access control customers who were already in the early stages of using browsers with an increasing number of business functions, the familiarity and ease of use of the browser interface was an immediate selling point.

For integrators, the opportunity to forgo on-premise servers eliminated one of the biggest drains on scarce field technician resources. “We surveyed dealers during the early days,” says Steve Van Till, Founder, President & CEO of Brivo, “and they cited server-related software problems as the single most frequent reason for needing to do expensive truck rolls to customer locations. The opportunity to cut out servers provided immediate ROI. Most of those integrators are still working with us today.”

In the early years, Brivo created a major foothold in the SMB space. Today, with the ongoing expansion of their platform, they have wide acceptance at the enterprise level, with over 200 Fortune 500 customers...

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SALTO KS Integrates with FICHAJ.ES Time-Attendance Management Software

The technology partnership allows SALTO KS users to add an attendance feature to their cloud-based fully wireless smart access control solution. SALTO Systems has developed an integration with time-tracking software developer FICHAJ.ES that will add a convenient feature – time and attendance – to the SALTO KS - Keys as a Service - cloud-based access control management system.

“The FICHAJ.ES integration with SALTO KS lets the end-user use door access control as a check-in and check-out reader which helps to avoid expensive investments in time and attendance tablets, keypad devices, and even installing drivers on laptops for clock-in and clock-out event notification,” said Pablo Pérez de Ciriza Project Manager at Nubba Group.

FICHAJ.ES is a trusted and accurate time-tracking solution that has robust features including an online time-clock application available for Android and iOS and the ability to show overtime and breaks in graphs and progress bars. It also contains an advanced system for managing work schedules and attendance – including maternity leaves and vacations.

SALTO KS provides flexible cloud-based access control management that requires no software installation nor the added expense of fully-wired electronic locking solutions. With cloud access control you’ll have vastly better functionality and performance than is possible in a traditional mechanical locking system. Additionally, SALTO KS Service integrated technology partners offer advanced management and access control in an easy and secure way. With SALTO KS now you can manage access and time and attendance needs for your business on-the-go. Open doors remotely, block access, view entry activity and receive activity messages on your smartphone. All that is needed is an online device with an Internet connection. SALTO KS offers end-users better functionality and performance, reduces cost, and almost eliminates the need for maintenance...

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Eagle Eye Networks Cloud VMS Enhanced to Support Elevated Body Temperature Measurement with Thermal Cameras

Elevated Body Temperature using thermal cameras with AI and Analytics can assist with detection of people who may have elevated temperatures. 

Eagle Eye Networks, the global leader in cloud video surveillance, announced today enhancements to the Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System for full support of dual spectrum cameras used in elevated temperature detection. Interest in the use of dual spectrum cameras with integrated analytics for locating faces and measuring temperature has greatly increased amongst Eagle Eye Resellers as they look for tools to reduce the spread of Corona19. Eagle Eye Networks wants to do anything we can to assist with the current situation as well as service our Reseller partners.

The Eagle Eye Cloud Video platform has always supported a large range of thermal cameras, however, some newer thermal cameras, that claim higher accuracy, operate simultaneously in the visible spectrum and the thermal spectrum. They combine information from both spectrums to obtain temperature readings more accurately on the human face. These cameras output specific analytic information which has been integrated into the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS. It is now simple to operationalise the deployment of these advanced cameras, view them remotely, record them to the cloud, and receive notifications when temperature setpoints are exceeded...

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Arcules and RAS Watch Partner to Optimize Global Security Operations Center Management

VArcules announces a strategic partnership with RAS Watch to deliver a fully managed and outsourced (GSOC) solution. Arcules, leading innovators in integrated video and access control cloud services, has announced a strategic partnership with RAS Watch to deliver a fully managed and outsourced global security operations centre (GSOC) solution...

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Vanderbilt’s SPC Connect 3.0 Focuses on Greater Visibility for Installers

Vanderbilt, a global provider of state-of-the-art security systems, has released the latest version of SPC Connect, the remotely managed, cloud-based, intrusion detection solution.This latest version, 3.0, includes an entirely reworked user interface and focuses on more intuitive user operations...

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Genetec announces keynote speakers and partner pavilion for Connect’DX Virtual Trade Show

Genetec President, Pierre Racz, takes on the AI hype. Starbucks, Barclays and Uber discuss their Cloud-first approach. Leading industry voices from Intel, Brekke Group and Convergint discuss security in a time of crisis...

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