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Game-changing access control technology for Lockers and Cabinets with SALTO XS4 Locker BLE

The capability of effectively extending real-time, online and mobile enable smart electronic access control to lockers and cabinets has eluded the security market – until now. By incorporating BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology into their latest electronic locker lock, SALTO has delivered a product that extends up-to-date comprehensive electronic access control to lockers, cabinets, and essentially anywhere.

“With the world becoming more digital every day, the need to introduce the latest technology into the workplace, retail market, healthcare, and education sectors has never been greater,” said Aznar Sethna, CSMO SALTO Systems. “The new SALTO XS4 Locker Lock with BLE technology drives manageability, creates a flexible and safe storage service environment, and enables users to have what they need at the touch of a mobile app or smartphone, wherever they are.”

The ability to deliver real-time electronic access control wirelessly to peripheral devices like lockers or cabinets has been long desired in the security industry. There are a variety of needs for securing the contents of lockers. In the workplace, lockers can contain property or expensive equipment. In gyms, lockers in locker rooms hold clothing and personal effects. Lockers and cabinets in the medical field, for example, can contain drugs, and, in retail, cabinets or lockers can contain cash and other valuables.

SALTO has been a leader in electronic access control for lockers with the XS4 locker lock, but the new version adds game changing BLE functionality.

Adding BLE capabilities to SALTO’s XS4 Locker Lock solution not only offers the most up-to-date protection for lockers and cabinets, but it also delivers the capability for end-users to control these devices with mobile phones and expands usage to additional SALTO platforms – like use with SALTO KS -Keys as a Service- cloud-based access control technology...

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How AEOS can help your business during the coronavirus pandemic

The outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has created uncertain times for all businesses. To safeguard your employees and society as a whole, there’s an urgent need to make contingency plans and take special measures. Whether it’s in relation to your own policies or to support government recommendations, the actions you take need to be both robust and responsive.

If you have AEOS access control, there are several features to support your contingency measures – either during a short deep-clean period or for a lengthier term. AEOS will let you uphold your emergency policies by restricting access entirely or partially, and by isolating all or some of each of your locations.

Put your locations on lock-down

You may be asked to instantly lock down an area, building or site. You can do this using the ‘Lock’ option in AEOS [Entrance – Schedules – Lock]. It’s highly secure and means no one can enter (or exit) the entrances you’ve chosen to lock. Access can only be gained if someone logs in and removes an entrance from the ‘Lock’ option or uses the ‘(De)Activate access control’ function.

You may also be asked to lock-down an area in a more managed way – for example during a period of deep-cleaning so approved personnel can enter and exit the building or area. If you want to lock a building to everyone except a specific group of people, you can create a ‘holiday’ from your normal access rules [authorisation – maintenance – holidays]. You set the times, dates and entrances for the building or area to be non-operational and then select ‘applies to carriers...

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CSL Router Access Control
Reliable Connectivity for
Access Control

With increasing frequency, Installers of Access Control systems are facing challenges around the reliability of connectivity. In many instances, older technologies such as PSTN are being switched off or becoming unreliable. In others, no wired broadband is available or is limited in performance or accessibility.

For many, 4G is becoming the technology of choice for transmitting data from one site to another or allowing remote access to a system. Despite this, there are still challenges surrounding reliability and security of 4G connectivity. This is where critical communications experts, CSL, can help.

CSL Router

Their CSL Router delivers trusted 4G connectivity to ensure Access Control systems are always connected. Each Router comes with a single static IP address, allowing secure, remote access into the system without interfering with any existing IT infrastructure.

It arrives pre-configured for a quick installation and is supplied with the appropriate monthly data SIM bundle to help manage costs. Data is sent via a 4G SIM, and the range includes single and dual SIM options, providing an instant, encrypted connection to the internet on sites where wired broadband is unavailable, impractical or slow.

Alternatively, the 4G connection can be used to back-up an existing broadband service whilst also upgrading it to a private network. This provides a reliable failover business solution if your wired broadband goes down. All options offer a fully encrypted service via the Gemini Global Platform to guarantee data is kept safe...

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Paxton Expands Online Training Platform & Launches Free Webinars

In response to the recent global pandemic, Paxton have expanded their online installer training platform and additionally, launched a series of informative webinars. The webinars are completely free to join, and the online training is now free to help installers while social restrictions are in place. Paxton’s approach is to remain supportive and productive, by providing their customers with latest product training, technical advice as well as support with upcoming projects for 2020 and beyond.

Paxton has been offering free installer training since 2005, they regularly see thousands of installers face to face at training sessions all over the world, with numbers climbing year on year. Until recently the international company was hosting hands-on workshops at Paxton offices, as well as out in the field. With many social restrictions currently in place across the globe, Paxton have decided that training must continue, and have provided free access to the learning portal to support installers and their end users.

Paxton’s training team has ensured the online courses are interactive and engaging. They include how-to videos, clear and concise text, as well as interactive exercises. Designed with Paxton’s core value of simplicity in mind, the online training will test, build confidence and knowledge of Paxton systems. The training comprises of bite-sized modules covering their access control and door entry ranges to give installers flexibility to learn.

Global Training Manager, Steve Woodbridge, said: “Our online training program continues to expand, providing more content than ever before to engage our customers in self-paced training sessions. It means the installer will benefit from our 35 years of industry experience from wherever they are, whenever they choose.”

The courses currently cover a range of products including:
• Paxton10, their newest innovation, a single platform access & video system
• Net2 software, an advanced PC based access control solution
• Entry, door entry system that works standalone or alongside Paxton’s Net2 access control
• PaxLock, their range of wireless access control in a door handle...

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SALTO KS Integrates with FICHAJ.ES Time-Attendance Management Software

The technology partnership allows SALTO KS users to add an attendance feature to their cloud-based fully wireless smart access control solution. SALTO Systems has developed an integration with time-tracking software developer FICHAJ.ES that will add a convenient feature – time and attendance – to the SALTO KS - Keys as a Service - cloud-based access control management system.

“The FICHAJ.ES integration with SALTO KS lets the end-user use door access control as a check-in and check-out reader which helps to avoid expensive investments in time and attendance tablets, keypad devices, and even installing drivers on laptops for clock-in and clock-out event notification,” said Pablo Pérez de Ciriza Project Manager at Nubba Group.

FICHAJ.ES is a trusted and accurate time-tracking solution that has robust features including an online time-clock application available for Android and iOS and the ability to show overtime and breaks in graphs and progress bars. It also contains an advanced system for managing work schedules and attendance – including maternity leaves and vacations.

SALTO KS provides flexible cloud-based access control management that requires no software installation nor the added expense of fully-wired electronic locking solutions. With cloud access control you’ll have vastly better functionality and performance than is possible in a traditional mechanical locking system. Additionally, SALTO KS Service integrated technology partners offer advanced management and access control in an easy and secure way. With SALTO KS now you can manage access and time and attendance needs for your business on-the-go. Open doors remotely, block access, view entry activity and receive activity messages on your smartphone. All that is needed is an online device with an Internet connection. SALTO KS offers end-users better functionality and performance, reduces cost, and almost eliminates the need for maintenance...

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