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Physical security and the cloud - The future is Video Surveillance ‘as a Service’ (VSaaS)

Rodrigue Zbinden, CEO at Morphean, looks at the future of cloud-enabled video surveillance and considers the benefits of the VSaaS model.

The physical security industry, traditionally video surveillance cameras (CCTV) and access control, is standing at an important inflection point. Cloud infrastructure is now well established as an enabling factor for connecting platforms and services that is cost effective and safe, and the business benefits of doing so are clear. But this trend isn’t reflected across all industries.

As more security equipment becomes connected to the wider network, the data that it generates can be used for a much wider variety of purposes beyond protection of people and assets. Morphean is already looking at ways in which AI and machine learning can draw insights from video footage, analysing retail store footage to both improve customer experience and enhance security capabilities.

But adoption of cloud among physical security professionals is slow. We know this, because Morphean commissioned an independent survey to establish the attitudes of business decision makers towards the cloud in the UK, France and Germany. The results of this survey were revealing and, in some cases, unexpected. There’s a high degree of confidence in the cloud around email, CRM, ERP and HR; an understanding of its benefits; but adoption remains lower than in other business critical area...

3xLOGIC, the leading provider of integrated and intelligent security solutions, announced the European availability of its pioneering TRENDS cloud-based business intelligence software earlier this year. Initially launched in the US, TRENDS has already been deployed in over 7,000 locations across North America. Now, European security professionals can also take full advantage of its ability to provide a clean, simple visual snapshot of a wide array of an organisation’s operations.

Designed to meet the needs of medium to large multi-site enterprises, TRENDS provides actionable intelligence on the massive amount of dark data available through devices such as sensors, cameras, time/attendance systems, access control devices, automated teller machines, point of sale and other analytical tools. With TRENDS, 3xLOGIC has created a way to turn all of this disparate data into highly relevant information that can be used in ways not previously thought possible.

Real time visual indicators provide valuable information about all aspects of business operation performance, with intuitive icons, graphs and images that can be configured specifically to meet an end user’s needs. A diverse array of analytical parameters can be set up including historical weather conditions, traffic and footfall, transaction conversion rates, wait times and queues, site comparison and performance - while heat mapping allows an end user to see where people are going within a location and quickly identify patterns...

A day at the Manor with Paxton10...On Thursday (26th Sept) I attended one of the series of Paxton10 Roadshows at the Celtic Manor Resort Golf Clubs, Newport. Paxton10 is the new Access Control - Video Management System.

Wavestore v6.18 offers Multiple Video Display Areas...Wavestore has introduced an updated version of its open-platform and highly secure Linux-based Video Management Software (VMS)...

New IDIS European Distribution Centre to provide Next Day Delivery and After-Sales Service...Full IDIS range to be shipped for next day delivery via flagship Netherlands centre to improve customer service and accelerate growth...


Security industry to demonstrate expertise at Axis event...Axis’ Partner Showcase biennial event announced to welcome delegates from across the industry and highlight through its trusted partners the latest advances in physical security technology...

Introducing New Wisenet Q Flateye IR Dome Cameras 5 megapixel models...The new Wisenet 5 megapixel Flateye IR dome cameras manufactured by Hanwha Techwin are designed for high humidity environments and for where condensation might occur because of temperature differences...

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