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Edesix is the #1 Body Worn Camera supplier for lone workers in the UK

Ensuring the safety of lone workers is a constant issue for businesses sending its employees out and about on a daily basis. Attacks on lone workers and field agents, both verbal and physical, are unfortunately becoming commonplace. Figures from the British Crime Survey reveal that up to 150 lone workers are attacked every day. Due to the solitary nature of their business they must be equipped to deal with a variety of unique challenges, and are often vulnerable when dealing with aggressive individuals.

Body Worn Cameras (BWCs) have proven to be an effective deterrent against aggression, and in many cases eliminate the need to activate an emergency process or make radio contact during an incident. When a confrontation does escalate, a BWC records video and audio evidence for review and, when necessary, for use in court. Staff feel safer and less vulnerable to abusive behaviour when equipped with BWCs, whether out on patrol or visiting someone’s residence. BWCs also improve staff mental well-being, creating less stress and increasing confidence that the camera is there as a 'backup'.

The Problem Facing Lone Workers

Lone workers operate in countless industries, from civil enforcement to social care. Within each of these remits, lone workers must enter various environments where the risk of encountering aggressive members of the public is significantly increased. One survey, conducted by the Royal College of Nursing, found that nearly 40% of respondents had been harassed or assaulted while at work in the last year. Without support from colleagues or sufficient emergency processes, lone workers can quickly find themselves in the middle of a potentially dangerous situation.

Body Worn Cameras are proven to greatly improve transparency and accountability throughout an industry that is traditionally very hard to manage. Over the years body worn has been shown to de-escalate heated situations and prevent abusive outbursts towards parking attendants, housing workers, civil enforcement officers, and other lone workers; with some local authorities reporting up to 90% reductions in complaints and incidents. Together with radio support and an effective safety framework, body worn is one of the most successful avenues for reducing occupational risk inherent to the day-to-day activities of lone workers.

Edesix’s VideoBadge

VideoBadge BWCs, manufactured by Edesix, have been widely adopted in the lone worker marketplace, and are used within civil enforcement, bailiffs, the NHS and security roles, due to their simple design and operation. VideoBadge is the number one BWC for civil enforcement officers in the UK, with many local authorities adopting Edesix’s BWC Solution...

Every organisation has unique requirements when it comes to protecting lone workers and Reliance Protect has developed a strategic approach that identifies levels of risk, puts the most appropriate technology and training in place, and measures ongoing compliance.

Reliance Protect has gained an enviable reputation for its expertise in lone worker protection and its cutting edge Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) boasts 40,000 connections across organisations of all sizes and vertical sectors. It is this experience that has led to the creation of its three-stage service, which comprises risk assessment, technology & training provision, and compliance. These elements combine to help configure the right solution for every organisation they work with.

Talking tech

There is now an array of lone worker protection technology, ranging from panic buttons and alarms with audio functionality to body worn cameras. And, with the accessibility of technology and apps, traditional lone worker devices are now being extended to other potential vulnerable people, such as students. All of these technology options are used to best effect when connected to an ARC like the one operated by Reliance Protect.

When choosing an ARC it is vital to select one with the requisite industry accreditations. Reliance Protect has attained the gold standards in this area. For monitoring lone worker devices it is necessary to comply with BS8484 which is necessary to obtain a police response, and BS5979 Category II which is the highest level of accreditation for receiving centres relating to intruder, fire, CCTV and social alarms and monitoring. |

Underpinning the technical standards required to run an alarm receiving centre it is important to consider other areas, particularly surrounding data protection, cyber security and business continuity. We read a lot today in the press about the misuse of data and data theft, which clearly is a very important topic.

An ARC with ISO 27001 certification and cyber essentials will be able to guarantee that only authorised, competent and security-screened personnel are provided with access to data for retention and/or processing purposes. When combined with cyber essentials providers should also be able to demonstrate robust policies around information security management at all levels...

Kings Secure Technologies Teams Up with Lone Worker Solutions to Protect Frontline Staff.

Safety is at the forefront of Kings’ activities at all times, which is why, from February 2019, all our remote workers will be using the Safe Hub App from Lone Worker Solutions on their smart devices...

The Eagle Eye Cloud Video Management System (VMS) expands camera compatibility with support for over 15 additional body worn cameras.

Eagle Eye Networks today unveiled enhancements to the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS supporting 15 additional third party mobile and body worn cameras. The Eagle Eye VMS provides simultaneous operations, search, and cloud storage for fixed and mobile cameras. Managing and retrieving body worn camera video has historically been a separate process from the primary video surveillance system...

Axis delivers first-of-its-kind Lone Worker protection to Old Spitalfields Market

Axis Group, one of the UK’s fastest growing security, cleaning, front-of-house and support services organisations, has introduced a next-generation lone worker protection technology at the iconic Old Spitalfields Market (OSM) Limited to support its client in delivering the highest levels of duty of care to its occupiers and their staff...


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