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Smart lock, smart home, smart living.

Just like the commercial sector where smartcard technology is widely used and mobile is fast gaining traction, the home market is also changing. Everything from serviced apartments to individual homes is now starting to adopt the convenience of using smart phones to control access.

Already there are smart meters to track energy usage, smart thermostats to control heating systems, smart doorbells and cameras for home security as well as smart home assistance devices such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Home Mini. Today, the ‘smart, connected home’ is the exception. In a decade or less it will be the norm.

Residential smart lock technology allows the user to go above and beyond what a standard door lock can offer. The smart lock provides multiple features accessed through an app on a smart phone giving a greater picture of home security. Undoubtedly a driver for this is that more people now want everything to be accessed through their personal device.

For the domestic homeowner there are a number of options on the market and most make use of the smart phone to take the place of the ‘key’.

Some take the form of a traditional handle set and have a prominent reader unit at the top. Users can configure, control and unlock their smart door lock from their smart phone via a secure Bluetooth app. They can give family and friends access by sending a virtual key to their smart phone and keep track of who comes and goes via the app.

Another variation is to have a smart motorised lock. The advantage of this is that the door looks just like a normal door with a standard-looking handle and keyhole; there is no impression from the outside that the door is smart. The electronic unit is housed on the inside of the door and again works with a smart phone app

‘Technology is laying the foundation for a truly smart home when it comes to security.’

This is SALTO’s Danalock smart home product. Danalock residential smart locks replace the traditional home door key with an electronic system that allows you to use your smartphone to control your door, your guests and your home.

Unlike most smart locks on the market the Danalock is housed on the inside of the door, providing protection against vandalism, adverse weather etc. Easy to install and manage, Danalock uses highly secure encryption and lays the foundation for a truly smart home when it comes to security.

There is no need to carry keys which eliminates the chance of them being lost or stolen, and it also allows users to cancel keys on the go if they need to restrict access. And because it retains a euro cylinder it still complies with current home insurance standards.

Danalock residential smart lock has 4 main versions: Bluetooth, Zig-bee, z-Wave and Apple home kit. The Z-wave and Zig-bee models will allow for numerous integrations with the smart home platform including Alexa, z-wave enabled smart home devices and Zigbee devices. The apple home kit version allows for integration direct with the apple home kit app and other smart apple devices, commissioned and controlled using the Danalock app which is available on both apple and android smart phones.

Danalock is easy to install and set-up and another attraction of this product is that it also has an auto unlock feature. With auto unlock activated, coming home is as easy as it gets. Automatic GEO location detection determines your position when you enter the auto unlock zone, approx 500 - 1000m from the door, and when you get in Bluetooth range approx 0 - 5m, it unlocks your door for you. Not only that, but with automatic timed locking it can do exactly the same thing in reverse and automatically lock the door when you leave the house.

As with most things, the key to success lies in selecting the right product for the customers’ needs. But with SALTO smart home security, the technology is already here to deliver tomorrow’s smart home door access today.

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