MOBOTIX provide high-resolution video surveillance systems made in Germany.

Their cameras contain a range of sensors and a powerful computer that analyses data, logically links it and independently initiates actions to defend against hazards. MOBOTIX IoT solutions also monitor and control industrial processes, bringing a greater degree of intelligent technology to everyday and business operations. MOBOTIX stand apart with their uncompromisingly reliable, intelligent solutions that can be expanded virtually without limits and which ensure long-term investment security.

Hundreds of thousands of video surveillance systems from MOBOTIX are in operation on every continent. Technologically sophisticated components and a unique design with no moving parts are the key to their products’ uncompromising reliability and unparalleled quality. Every single outdoor camera is thoroughly tested in a temperature range of -30° to +60°C (22°F to +140°F) prior to dispatch. All of this enables an average MTBF (mean time between failure) of nine years.

MOBOTIX video solutions can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure, thanks to their decentralised architecture, and the options for expansion are limitless. This makes it possible to install basic but effective protection on a tight budget and expand it as needed. Thanks to the modular camera structure, lenses can be exchanged, and optical and thermal image sensors can be combined with one another on dual-lens cameras. Regular software updates keep you constantly up-to-date. This also guarantees long-term investment security.

MOBOTIX cameras are equipped with independent memory management, a wide range of communication options (including SIP technology), innovative video analysis and event logic, meaning that they do more than just produce sharp images: They also recognise threats and initiate defensive actions.

High-Calibre Thermal Imaging Technology In A Modular Dual Camera System
Complement your perimeter protection and fire prevention solutions with weatherproof MOBOTIX thermal cameras which can detect and register objects and people using a thermal signature, even in total darkness at a distance of over 100 meters.

MOBOTIX thermal cameras are based on the modular M16 and S16 series and can be complemented by a high-resolution image sensor module, if desired. Along with the compact design and the flexible installation options, these thermal cameras also take on the intelligent MOBOTIX video functions. Objects are detected through the MxActivitySensor with almost perfect accuracy. MOBOTIX thermal cameras can send messages automatically as long as the temperature in the defined exposure window deviates from the standard range. They are also extremely effective in detecting life-threatening heat sources early on.

Thermal Radiometry (TR) models generate automatic alarms, defined by temperature limits or temperature ranges, which is vital to detect potential fire or heat sources. Up to 20 different temperature triggers that defined at the same time within so-called TR windows or the whole sensor image can be used over the temperature range of -40 to +550°C.

Only one Thermal MOBOTIX camera is required to protect a huge outdoor area without the need of any additional illumination, even in complete darkness. The combination of thermal and video sensors and intelligent software based motion detection (MxActivitySensor) are perfectly suited to efficiently cover wide perimeter solutions without any secondary equipment like conventional light or infrared illumination.

The detected thermal profile of a thermal camera shows no identifiable details for identification of persons and can therefore guarantee privacy. As soon as an object is moving into the relevant surveillance area, MOBOTIX dual camera system can automatically switch from thermal sensor to the optical sensor, producing visible high resolution video. This unique MOBOTIX feature combines two aspects, respecting the privacy aspect and at the same time optimal video surveillance.

Key Product Features
• Thermal resolution
• Temperature alarms
• Hot spot analysis
• Motion detection
• Power: < 6W, standard PoE
• Robust and nearly maintenance free

MOBOTIX Cactus Concept

MOBOTIX has developed the unique cactus concept for the reliable and complete protection of end-to-end video systems against hacker attacks. Protect yourself from future attacks whenever anyone tries to turn your robust IT landscape into an IT wasteland. Arm yourself against a serious attack with an intelligent video system that is ready to go but can also stand up to the ever-evolving challenges of our world every day with no additional costs.

MOBOTIX video systems are among the world’s most secure. Based on an extraordinary decentralised technology concept, they already feature many efficient protective measures against hacker attacks as standard.

MOBOTIX from Mayflex

The MOBOTIX product range is availably exclusively from Mayflex in the UK. Mayflex leads the way in the distribution of Converged IP Solutions with its HQ located in Birmingham.

• Order online up to 8pm for FREE next day delivery
• Large stock availability – 98% or orders fulfilled from stock
• Access to an IP Centric team of sales and technical support
• Advice and support with product selection and system design
• Track and Trace your deliveries
• Accredited training academy with fully qualified instructors
• Specialist Support Services
• Trade counter located at Birmingham HQ for those last-minute requirements

To find out more about the full range of MOBOTIX products available and the MOBOTIX Cactus Concept, speak to the team on 0800 75 75 65 or use one of the contact links below:

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