MIC IP Fusion 9000i

The MIC IP fusion 9000i camera is an advanced PTZ surveillance platform designed to provide early detection in mission-critical applications. With its dual visible/thermal imaging capabilities, the MIC IP fusion 9000i camera is the perfect choice when a robust and high-quality imaging solution is needed. The MIC camera’s distinctive, ruggedized design is well suited for applications having extreme weather conditions of hot/cold temperatures, high winds, rain, fog, ice, and installations associated with shock and vibrations events such as bridges and towers. Precision engineered using Bosch’s domain expertise in material and mechanical engineering, this camera offers the most advanced imaging and positioning system solution available on the market.

Exceptional imaging performance

The MIC IP fusion 9000i camera incorporates a high performance thermal imaging core and a 1080p starlight-quality day/night visible camera integrated in the same housing. This allows the camera to deliver simultaneous thermal and visible video streams, maximizing the ability to detect and react to long range threats.


Thermal imager

The thermal imager incorporates the latest un-cooled vanadium oxide microbolometer technology. This high sensitivity thermal imager is equipped with a fixed focal length Athermal lens that balances the field-of view with maximizing the detection distance. MIC’s thermal core seamlessly and automatically optimizes the image through the use of edge enhancement, dynamic contrast thresholding and adaptive rescaling processes. In addition, its integrated flat field correction feature provides a uniform reference so that scene components are correctly represented.

The combination of these embedded features assure the highest quality image will always be delivered. Depending on model mix, QVGA resolution (320 pixels) and VGA resolution (640 pixels) versions are available, with choice of low (<9Hz) or high (30/60Hz) frame rates. In addition, a wide variety of user selectable thermal color modes are available allowing further optimization of the thermal image.

Visible imager

The visible 1080p60-capable starlight camera with a 30x optical/12x digital zoom lens provides high quality visible images, excellent color performance, and unbeatable low-light sensitivity. Its high dynamic range ensures clear image reproduction in the most challenging high-contrast scenes.

Intelligent Video Analytics for Early Detection

With built-in Intelligent Video Analysis available on both the visible and thermal images, the MIC IP fusion 9000i camera reinforces the concept of Intelligence at the Edge. With Intelligent Video Analytics from Bosch, the camera reliably detects and analyzes moving objects while suppressing unwanted alarms from spurious sources in the image, even under harsh weather conditions.

Many Intelligent Video Analytics rules are available to allow the camera to detect various object behaviors including idle and removed objects, loitering, multiple line crossing, and trajectories. Configurable detection filters improve reliability and reduce operator work load. Bosch’s latest Intelligent Video Analytics offers double the detection distances compared to earlier versions, and as an added benefit, the analytics in the camera support the ability to function while an operator is panning or tilting the camera.
Calibration of Intelligent Video Analytics is quick and easy – just enter the height the camera is mounted from the ground. The internal positioning sensors provide the rest of the information to precisely calibrate the video analytics. Furthermore, metadata is attached to the video streams enabling operators to retrieve relevant images quickly from hours of stored video.

Metadata Fusion imaging

By fusing the Intelligent Video Analytics data captured by both the thermal imager and the visible imager, the MIC IP fusion 9000i camera provides increased situational awareness and ensures early object detection. When an event is detected, the operator can click inside the alarm overlay box to switch quickly to the other image.

Intelligent Tracking

The camera can be programed to activate the Intelligent Tracking feature automatically when its Intelligent Video Analytics detects objects or individuals on either the visible or thermal image. This feature controls the pan/tilt/zoom actions of the camera in order to track the objects and keep them in view. The latest Intelligent Tracking is based on robust flow detection algorithms which can reliably track moving objects even under challenging scenes.

The reliability of tracking and detection with Intelligent Video Analytics can be enhanced further with virtual masking. Virtual masking gives users flexibility to mask parts of the scene which should not be considered for flow analysis to trigger Intelligent Tracking. This means that background motion (moving trees, pulsating lights, and busy roads) in the scene will not interfere with the camera’s tracking functions.

The camera supports three modes for Intelligent Tracking:

• Auto mode: When configured in this mode, the camera actively analyzes the video to detect any moving object. If it detects movement, it begins to track the object. This mode is most useful for scenarios where normally no motion is expected.

• One Click mode: In this mode, users can click an object moving in the live video image to enable the camera to track the movement of the selected object. This mode is most useful for scenarios where normal scene activity is expected.

• Triggered mode: In this mode, the camera continuously analyzes the scene for alarms or rule violations. If a rule is violated, it triggers the advanced tracking feature of the camera to start following the object /person that triggered the alarm.

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