MIC IP Fusion 9000i

The MIC IP fusion 9000i camera is an advanced PTZ surveillance platform designed to provide early detection in mission-critical applications. With its dual visible/thermal imaging capabilities, the MIC IP fusion 9000i camera is the perfect choice when a robust and high-quality imaging solution is needed. The MIC camera’s distinctive, ruggedized design is well suited for applications having extreme weather conditions of hot/cold temperatures, high winds, rain, fog, ice, and installations associated with shock and vibrations events such as bridges and towers. Precision engineered using Bosch’s domain expertise in material and mechanical engineering, this camera offers the most advanced imaging and positioning system solution available on the market.

Exceptional imaging performance

The MIC IP fusion 9000i camera incorporates a high performance thermal imaging core and a 1080p starlight-quality day/night visible camera integrated in the same housing. This allows the camera to deliver simultaneous thermal and visible video streams, maximizing the ability to detect and react to long range threats.

Thermal imager

The thermal imager incorporates the latest un-cooled vanadium oxide microbolometer technology. This high sensitivity thermal imager is equipped with a fixed focal length Athermal lens that balances the field-of view with maximizing the detection distance. MIC’s thermal core seamlessly and automatically optimizes the image through the use of edge enhancement, dynamic contrast thresholding and adaptive rescaling processes. In addition, its integrated flat field correction feature provides a uniform reference so that scene components are correctly represented.

The combination of these embedded features assure the highest quality image will always be delivered. Depending on model mix, QVGA resolution (320 pixels) and VGA resolution (640 pixels) versions are available, with choice of low (<9Hz) or high (30/60Hz) frame rates. In addition, a wide variety of user selectable thermal color modes are available allowing further optimization of the thermal image...

BOSCH Security Systems


MOBOTIX provide high-resolution video surveillance systems made in Germany.

Their cameras contain a range of sensors and a powerful computer that analyses data, logically links it and independently initiates actions to defend against hazards. MOBOTIX IoT solutions also monitor and control industrial processes, bringing a greater degree of intelligent technology to everyday and business operations. MOBOTIX stand apart with their uncompromisingly reliable, intelligent solutions that can be expanded virtually without limits and which ensure long-term investment security.

Hundreds of thousands of video surveillance systems from MOBOTIX are in operation on every continent. Technologically sophisticated components and a unique design with no moving parts are the key to their products’ uncompromising reliability and unparalleled quality. Every single outdoor camera is thoroughly tested in a temperature range of -30° to +60°C (22°F to +140°F) prior to dispatch. All of this enables an average MTBF (mean time between failure) of nine years.

MOBOTIX video solutions can be easily integrated into existing infrastructure, thanks to their decentralised architecture, and the options for expansion are limitless. This makes it possible to install basic but effective protection on a tight budget and expand it as needed. Thanks to the modular camera structure, lenses can be exchanged, and optical and thermal image sensors can be combined with one another on dual-lens cameras. Regular software updates keep you constantly up-to-date. This also guarantees long-term investment security.

MOBOTIX cameras are equipped with independent memory management, a wide range of communication options (including SIP technology), innovative video analysis and event logic, meaning that they do more than just produce sharp images: They also recognise threats and initiate defensive actions.

High-Calibre Thermal Imaging Technology In A Modular Dual Camera System
Complement your perimeter protection and fire prevention solutions with weatherproof MOBOTIX thermal cameras which can detect and register objects and people using a thermal signature, even in total darkness at a distance of over 100 meters...

Mayflex UK

Dayton Church Catches the Bad Guys with Verified Video Surveillance from Sonitrol and 3xLOGIC

Industry-leading video and audio verification technology provided police responders with real-time situational updates to enhance officer safety and ensure faster apprehension

3xLOGIC, Inc., a leading provider of integrated, intelligent security solutions, and a three-time Deloitte Technology Fast 500™ winner, today announced that Northwest Church of Christ in Dayton, Ohio was broken into recently and Sonitrol of SW Ohio, using technology from 3xLOGIC, worked with local law enforcement to apprehend the intruder and prevent damage or theft from the facility.

The church is located in a rough part of town, with a large homeless population. Church of Christ has installed Multi-Sensor devices connected to the Sonitrol Central Station to provide an active, visible deterrent to break-ins. Unfortunately, the church was undergoing renovations and someone left a door unlocked...


Oncam Adds Outdoor Model to its Unique Evolution 180 Range

Oncam, the leading provider of 360-degree video capture and business intelligence technology, announced today the availability of the Evolution 180 Outdoor model to its 180-degree camera portfolio, adding to the indoor version introduced earlier this year. The technology builds upon the experience and heritage of the company's 360-degree video and intelligence solutions to meet the needs of customers in a variety of markets that require an outdoor-ready wall-mounted camera with Panoramic+ views from a single fisheye sensor.

The Evolution 180 Outdoor Camera boasts an IP68 rating making it fit for submersion, as well as an IP69K rating against water and dust ingress to help protect it from the harshest of environments. The enclosure is also IK10+ rated, ensuring extensive protection against vandalism. The camera’s design combines strength and appeal to form a reliable, pleasing aesthetic that doesn’t compromise on image quality.

The Evolution 180 Outdoor offers a 12MP sensor and a 6MP dewarped Panoramic+ image. It is equipped with Oncam’s unique Angle Compensation Technology and Offset Angle Compensation, which provide adaptive dewarping of a 180-degree image in the camera. It is also a true day/night camera which allows users to get high quality video in all lighting conditions...


Axis unveils comprehensive range of IR-enabled cameras

Infrared (IR) illumination provides a highly-effective enhancement for video surveillance in complete darkness. At ISC West in Las Vegas, Axis Communications is unveiled several new network cameras featuring its IR functionality, including pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) and fixed dome cameras, bullet, fisheye and panoramic cameras, and discreet sensors units. Together, these bring IR capability to almost any surveillance environment and answer an increased market demand.

IR’s ability to allow cameras to literally ‘see in the dark’ is an obvious additional benefit to video surveillance for a number of reasons, from allowing 24/7 surveillance without the need for additional lighting, to enabling ultra-discreet surveillance in sensitive locations. By launching several new cameras which feature built-in IR illumination, Axis is delivering the benefits of IR in the most cost-efficient, easily installed way to almost any indoor or external surveillance need. In addition, Axis OptimizedIR technology, featured in some of the new models, is the company’s own smart, power-efficient and patented IR LED technology. It optimally uses the light to enable an even illumination over the complete camera view.

Peter Rietz, Director, Product Management at Axis Communications, commented: “It is always our intention to develop cameras that offer maximum value to our customers. Being able to integrate OptimizedIR in a broader range of our network cameras and a variety of form factors means that customers have more ability than ever before to reap the benefits of IR. Indeed, we can see IR capabilities as a more and more required feature in the future.”

New cameras launched at ISC West included:

With OptimizedIR reaching 200 m (656 ft) or more, combined with a directionally discreet and compact dome design, makes this camera perfect for city surveillance applications. The built-in IR LEDs are seamlessly adaptable to the camera zoom, while Axis Sharpdome technology provides full scene fidelity and sharp images both above and below the horizon. In addition to these features, AXIS Q6125-LE delivers HDTV 1080p with fantastic image quality, 30x optical zoom, speed dry function and includes AXIS Guard Suite analytics...

Axis Communications

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