SALTO Launches New XS4 One Smart Door Handle with Integral Reader

SALTO Systems has launched XS4 One, a robust new locking solution for securing internal doors. The new XS4 One is a stylish, battery-operated electronic escutcheon that is totally wire-free and networked through the SALTO Virtual Network and SALTO Wireless network. It provides a reliable solution for electronic access control in a wide variety of applications.

Simple installation is possible on any type of door, including those with narrow frames. Its body and escutcheon are made of steel and it is available with mechanical cylinder cut outs for key override or access lock outs (override European and Cam profile cylinder) with audit trail facility available.

It has a choice of mechanical or electronic privacy option, and the lock can always be opened from the inside (single action panic feature works in conjunction with the relevant mortise lock). Complementary escutcheons without reader are also available to maintain the aesthetic of doors that do not need to be controlled.

SALTO’s XS4 One is specially designed for use on busy, high traffic doors that need additional strength and is equipped with an integral reader module capable of reading MIFARE® (DESFire EV1, Plus, Ultralight C, Classic - ISO/IEC 14443, Bluetooth SMART (BLE) and NFC...

Mayflex at the forefront of distribution for innovative IP-based Electronic Security

Mayflex is at the forefront of the distribution of innovative IP-based Electronic Security and has developed its business to become a leading distributor of converged IP solutions. We use our specialist knowledge and experience to bring together best in class solutions covering infrastructure, networking and electronic security.

Mayflex distributes the Paxton product range via installers in the UK out of its headquarters in Birmingham.

Net2 Entry Touch panel is the latest addition to Paxton’s door entry range, compatible with Net2 access control. This panel comes with premium features, including a quality 7-inch colour touch screen with customisable options, making Net2 Entry suitable for more sites than ever before.

Excellent Build Quality: Advanced 7-inch colour touch screen with durable chemically strengthened glass...

Access Control systems – why it’s time to change your view

Nick Whiteley of hfx discusses how modern access control systems offer more than just security. New cloud based technology systems integrated with HR applications can help companies better manage staff time, wellbeing and compliance.

Today’s access control systems do more than just control access to a company’s premises. They can also provide a wealth of information about a building or area occupancy data which highlights the parts of a building that are being used and when. This information is useful not only to manage heating and lighting use, but also help to secure areas and staff. Lone worker safety, hazardous areas or offices where sensitive information is kept can all be managed easily.

Flexible working has also become increasingly popular as organisations face the challenge of remaining agile in a competitive market. A flexible workforce is a great goal, but how can this managed in practice? Providing staff with the ability to work flexibly can pose a security nightmare, tracking who is in the building and where they are, can be key to compliance. Smart access solutions are the answer.

Security first and foremost
Of course, security is one of the main reasons why an organisation implements an access system. Dartmoor National Park is one example where staff are using hfx’s proximity card to enter the office locations, which has improved security of buildings for staff and property. Staff have found the new system easy to use and appreciate that the buildings are secure for deliveries and visitors...

Comelit’s Award-winning IP Door Entry System chosen for Battersea Power Station development

Residents at one of the UK’s most iconic and keenly sought-after developments – Circus West at Battersea Power Station in London – are using a state-of-the-art IP video entry system from Comelit. With designs that are both aesthetically stylish and technically sophisticated, it is little wonder that the new development has attracted attention from potential purchasers from all over the world. The door entry system from Comelit selected to provide access to the site offers the cutting-edge design and ease of installation that perfectly mirrors the expectations of the aspirational clientele who will soon call the Battersea Power Station development home.

Phase 1 of the ground-breaking development comprises of 865 apartments at the Circus West site and features Comelit’s IP-enabled ViP entry system that resides on a shared network. The apartments are fitted with ICONA monitors, while more than 50 entrances are equipped with a mixture of 3one6 Sense flush-mounted panels, Vandalcom digital panels and Vandalcom single button panels. User-friendly help points have also been fitted in car parking areas to enable residents to communicate with the concierge/security office.

The ICONA monitors inside each apartment feature a 16:9 4.3-inch colour screen with capacitive, touchscreen and swipe activation. Available in flush-mounted, wall-mounted and desktop versions, these concave-shaped, satin-finished monitors have high acoustic fidelity, while the monitors sport clean and elegant styling in scratch-resistant polycarbonate and brushed metal edges, complementing the contemporary and striking design of the apartment interiors...

Nedap enables hands-free access at Samsung Medical Center

As one of South Korea’s leading hospitals, the Samsung Medical Center (SMC) offers the most high-tech medical services. When it comes to security, the hospital required an advanced hands-free door access solution to monitor who gets access when and where. With Nedap’s uPASS Access installed, people have convenient access while the hospital has an overview of all movements. This allows the hospital to act adequately and quick in case of virus threats, making sure the highest healthcare standards are met.

Advanced medical services
The Samsung Medical Center (SMC) is one of South Korea’s leading hospitals. Equipped with advanced medical services, SMC defines a new hospital culture. It strives to be the best in terms of shortest waiting times and patient-centered care.

The high-tech medical infrastructures of SMC include:
• Outstanding medical staff
• Order communication system (OCS)
• Picture archiving communication system (PACS)
•  Clinical pathology automation system
•  Logistics automation system

Safe hospital environment
Being the most innovative medical center in the region, SMC wanted to offer first class services, also when it comes to security. Before Nedap’s hands-free door access solution was installed, there was no control over which patients, patient caregivers and visitors entered/left the hospital facility or when...

Net2 Provides Improved Security with Simple Token Management for Cape Town Residential Developments

Blok Developments is an urban property developer operating in Cape Town’s Atlantic Seaboard and CBD. Their thoughtfully designed and detail orientated apartments are built to make a lasting contribution to the neighbourhoods they develop in.

Security is a priority for Blok and their residents. They required a system that would allow them to control who could access the developments, and had the functionality to easily assign, update and bar access tokens, from a simple, reliable user interface. Blok also needed their residents to have the option to visually identify visitors via video intercom.
Solid Systems, a Managed IT Service Provider based in Cape Town, were approached by Blok to install a security solution that met their requirements, on their four new developments.

Solid Systems recommended Net2, Paxton’s flagship access control system, to control the access on site. They also included a Net2 Entry monitor, Paxton’s intuitive, colour touchscreen internal monitor, in every property for visual authentication and a direct line of communication to the security desk.

Net2 is a user friendly and flexible networked access control system, designed to make the management of any site straightforward. Net2, combined with Paxton’s innovative plug-and-play door entry solution, Net2 Entry, has provided Blok Developments and their residents with a simple security system that is managed remotely by Solid Systems...


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