Illustra Introduces New Pro Series Mini-Domes

Tyco Security Products introduces the new Illustra Pro 2 megapixel mini-dome cameras, featuring new UltraVision low light technology to capture high quality colour video in the most extreme low light conditions.

The ability to identify people and objects of interest in environments with near total darkness is critical to the operational requirement of many surveillance systems. Illustras UltraVision technology will give you those images whilst effectively maintaining colour video well below 0.05 lux. Illustra UltraVision is ideal for applications such as car parks, alleyways, warehouses and other settings with challenging lighting conditions, where maintaining quality colour images is critical to the surveillance operation. Low light technology removes the need to install supplementary lighting, or the requirement to leave lights on in order to retain colour pictures.

The Illustra Pro 2MP mini-dome, is packed with functions that can improve operator efficiency and reduce the overall cost of the system. For instance, the advanced on-board face detection analytics can generate an event every time a face is detected. Operators can easily review events in the Video Management System to locate the video they require, enabling more efficient use of the CCTV system.

Other analytics such as blur detection and tampering will quickly alert operators if someone tries to cover or tamper with the camera. To help reduce network infrastructure and storage costs, the Illustra Pro 2MP mini-dome provides a highly efficient bandwidth performance that is further assisted by up to five individual regions of interest to maximise the detail clarity in areas identified as most important.

Features include:

Automatically increasing video quality to areas of interest and to peoples faces reduces storage requirements and system bandwidth usage, ultimately helping to reduce the cost of a surveillance system

True wide dynamic range (100db) optimises video in extremely varied lighting conditions. Crisp, clear images not only make it easier to analyse an event such as a theft or health and safety incident, they also reduce the amount of bandwidth needed, leading to lower storage costs

Blur detection intelligence alerts users when camera focus or cleaning is necessary so cameras can be refocused immediately, reducing downtime and maintenance calls

Motorised 3-9 mm or 9-22 mm lens option available. Auto-focus and field of view are set from the web browser, which speeds up the installation time of each Illustra Pro camera

In many security scenarios today, its critically important to be able to identify people and objects of interest in extreme low light situations, said Stuart Bettle, Video Product Marketing Manager, EMEA, Tyco Security Products. With the introduction of Illustra Ultravision, Tyco Security Products is able to provide exceptional low light colour video quality 24/7 for our customers.

Compatible with American Dynamics VideoEdge and exacqVision video management system (VMS) software and recorders, the Illustra Pro mini-dome cameras can be easily configured into a video security system saving installation time and money. The camera is exacqVision Edge ready, which means the exacqVision video management system (VMS) software can be installed directly on the camera for a complete, self contained, high definition IP video solution. Edge recording to the camera is perfect for temporary, dispersed or small systems with a low camera count.

Available in vandal-resistant IK-10 indoor and outdoor models, the Illustra Pro 2MP mini-dome cameras operate in the most extreme temperatures, as low as -30 degrees Celsius when powered using standard PoE network power. Outdoor models are IP66-rated to provide durability and protect against water and dust damage. Also, a full line of indoor plenum caps and mounting clips are available for recessed flush installation. A wide selection of outdoor mounting options are available as well to make it quick and easy to install the Illustra Pro cameras in virtually any setting.

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