Bosch Security – Dinion IP Thermal 8000

The Dinion IP Thermal 8000 camera provides high-sensitivity thermal images using an un-cooled vanadium oxide microbolometer that delivers outstanding image quality. The camera is designed to combine the benefits of thermal imaging with the market leading Intelligent Video Analytics from Bosch. There is no need for natural or artificial lighting of the area of interest. The camera produces crisp and clear images day and night, even in challenging environments with smoke, dust, haze or fog.

The integrated video analytics is both robust and intelligent. The Intelligence-at-the-Edge concept now delivers even more powerful features: simple calibration, false alarm reduction and extended range identification.

Calibration is quick and easy – just enter the height of the camera. The internal gyro/accelerometer sensor provides the rest of the information to precisely calibrate the video analytics. The mission critical video analytics reliably detects, tracks, and analyzes objects, and alerts you when predefined alarms are triggered. A smart set of alarm rules, together with object filters and tracking modes, makes complex tasks easy.

The system is also extremely robust and is able to reduce false alarms, for example from foliage or shaking objects, even in harsh weather conditions. Metadata is attached to your video to add sense and structure. This enables you to quickly retrieve the relevant images from hours of stored video. Metadata can also be used to deliver irrefutable forensic evidence or to optimize business processes based on people counting or crowd density information.

Thermal surveillance in action

From waste management to the factory floor - Every five minutes, a fire starts at a company facility in Germany, according to the latest statistics released by the German Insurance Association with financial damage amounting to several billion euros annually. In response, high risk sites are using a new wave of lower cost thermal imaging cameras that are able to recognise potential dangers from sudden increases or decrease in temperature and raise the alarm before a fire outbreak.

Thermal cameras detect the mid-wavelength infrared radiation from an object or body otherwise invisible to the human eye caused by thermal motion within a body’s molecules. Recent advances in digital sensors and lens materials has dramatically reduced the cost and size of these modern thermal cameras that displays temperature distribution across surfaces and objects with an overlay of artificial colours with blue identified as cooler and red as warmer.

A great example of this new trend is ZAK (Zentrale Abfallwirtschaft Kaiserslautern), a municipal waste management company in Germany that uses mechanical biological treatments (MBT) to sort waste for recycling and composting along with anaerobic digestion for a biomass heating plant and energy generation. The 88 hectare site stores and processes thousands of tons of mixed waste and biomass fuel each month and uses many temperature sensitive tasks that can trigger fires...

3xLOGIC thermal cameras keep Hyatt Guns one step ahead of the bad guys

3xLOGIC, Inc., a leading provider of integrated intelligent security solutions, today announced that Hyatt Guns, the largest gun speciality store in the US, has deployed 3xLOGIC thermal cameras to significantly increase security for the store. Sonitrol Carolinas installed the thermal cameras and oversees video monitoring of the cameras and other on-going needs.

Hyatt Guns, located in Charlotte, NC, features more than 7,000 guns in stock on any given day, making it the largest specialty gun shop in the United States. After opening its doors in 1959, its been in the same location and remains a family business to this day with three generations of the Hyatt family working there.

Larry Hyatt chose 3xLOGIC cameras to increase surveillance capability for his shop’s perimeter and surrounding real estate. “I don’t want a picture of the guy that broke into my store, I want to catch the guy,” said Hyatt in outlining his clear security goals.

“Our camera feeds go straight to the Sonitrol monitoring company, that gives us the edge. The way the bad guys are doing crime, they know after breaking in that they have a number of minutes before the police arrive. Thermal cameras with around-the-clock monitoring give us a timing edge,” explained Hyatt...

FLIR Systems Announces Availability of Third Generation FLIR ONE Thermal Imaging Cameras for Smartphones and Tablets

The FLIR ONE Pro is FLIR's Most Advanced Smartphone Camera to Date - Powered by FLIR's Lepton(R) thermal microcamera core, the FLIR ONE builds upon a legacy of enabling thermal imaging on smartphones. The latest FLIR ONE is FLIR's most affordable smartphone thermal camera while the first edition FLIR ONE Pro is the most advanced FLIR ONE to date.

New Features Like its predecessors, both new FLIR ONEs come equipped with a thermal and a high-definition visible camera. Using FLIR's patented multispectral dynamic imaging (MSX(R)) technology, both FLIR ONE models emboss high-fidelity, visible-light details onto the thermal imagery to dramatically improve image quality. The FLIR ONE and FLIR ONE Pro offer a breadth of new and improved features including:

OneFit(TM) adjustable connector enables the connection to be adjusted up to four millimeters to accommodate a variety of smartphone cases without the need to remove the case. This patent pending feature is available for both iOS and Android devices. Improved FLIR ONE App that now features in-app tips for problem solving, use cases, and a community for sharing images and videos...

Axis and Securitas turn up the heat with thermal cameras

Thermal cameras are the perfect tool for detecting people and objects in dark scenes, ensuring 24/7 surveillance in difficult, low-light scenarios. Generating far fewer false alarms and with no need for extra lighting, the technology performs impeccably in heavily vegetated areas, during heavy snowfall, or even through dense fog. Better yet, the camera is effective at distances of up to 200 meters.

We spoke to Jonas Bergström, Business Development Manager at Securitas, an Axis partner, who said: “We primarily use thermal cameras in perimeter protection installations. An intelligent video application is integrated into the cameras and forms a virtual fence. If anybody or anything crosses this virtual line then an alarm call is sent to our security operation centre (SOC). We estimate that the ratio of false alarms generated by intelligent video analysis in a thermal camera in relation to an optical camera is approximately 1 in 10. By keeping down the number of alarm calls per camera, each operator can handle more alarm events within a certain time frame. The result is major savings.”

What is the single greatest advantage of thermal cameras compared to optical cameras?

The absolute greatest advantage for us is that thermal cameras result in significantly fewer false alarms. This means our operators in the security operation center do not need to evaluate as many incoming alarm calls and therefore become significantly more time-efficient.



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