Avigilon have a number of 4K cameras and above available from their existing product line-up.

HD Pro Cameras: Avigilon HD Pro cameras with self-learning analytics deliver superior perimeter protection with exceptional object detection, area coverage and clear image detail. The 4K (8 MP) HD Pro camera provides the coverage area of 27 VGA resolution cameras and keeps bandwidth and storage consumption low through seamless integration with Avigilon Control Center and HDSM™ 2.0 technology.

These cameras offer wide scene coverage, highly accurate object detection and the ability to zoom in for clear image detail. The image quality of the HD Pro camera series is made possible by Avigilon’s H4 platform, which combines Avigilon’s LightCatcher™ technology for unmatched low-light performance, H.264 compression and the latest edition of its patented High Definition Stream Management (HDSM)™ technology, HDSM 2.0. These technologies enable increased resolution, greater processing power, outstanding image quality and smarter bandwidth and storage management.

HD Bullet Cameras: Available from 1 MP to 4K Ultra HD resolution, the H4 bullet cameras provide maximum coverage for seeing activity in complete darkness. Embedded with self-learning video analytics, the H4 bullet cameras are designed to integrate seamlessly with Avigilon Control Center (ACC) and third party VMS software and provide object detection and classification capabilities.

HD Dome Cameras: Avigilon™ dome cameras provide high image detail in a range of settings such as offices, hallways and building entrances. Embedded with self-learning video analytics and with resolutions from 1 MP to 4K Ultra HD, the H4 dome cameras are designed to integrate with Avigilon Control Center (ACC), and third party VMS software and install quickly and easily with remote zoom and focus. These cameras are also impact resistant to enhance security in any installation.

Avigilon do provide cameras up to 7K, the highest resolution currently available.

The H4 Camera Platform
The Avigilon H4 platform is their highest performing solution yet, with its faster processing power, more efficient bandwidth management, superior image detail, and video analytics capabilities. It allows your system to maintain optimal performance while receiving great image detail.

The H4 platform uses Idle Scene Mode and Avigilon’s patented High Definition Stream Management (HDSM)™ 2.0 technology to intelligently and efficiently manage your HD data, letting you view and search through HD video with fewer strains on network resources.

High Definition Stream Management - The intelligent management of storage and bandwidth
Because HDSM manages the storage of data so intelligently, you can search through vast amounts of HD footage in just seconds. HDSM keeps file sizes small, so you can add an unlimited number of cameras while keeping bandwidth and hardware needs low. Get incredible image quality and resolution with only a tiny amount of bandwidth and storage.

About Mayflex
Mayflex is at the forefront of the distribution of innovative IP-based Electronic Security Solutions and exclusively distributes the Avgilon product range via installers in the UK.

Mayflex has developed its business to become a leading distributor of converged IP solutions. We use our specialist knowledge and experience to bring together best in class solutions covering infrastructure, networking and electronic security.

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