Integrated Energy Saving Security
Solutions from Paxton

Over the past decade, using less energy has been the goal of many companies to reduce their carbon footprint. However, many UK & European businesses are looking for additional ways to curb usage against the rising cost of energy. Paxton’s range of access control products provide useful tools for installers to help their customers use less energy and save money on bills.

As we know, leaving appliances on when a room is empty is not good practice and ultimately leads to a waste of energy and money. The good news is that Paxton’s product range provide features that can help save energy consumption. With simple know how, installers can set up systems and recommend specific Paxton products that will really make a difference to the efficient running of buildings and sites.

Triggers and Actions

Both Net2 and Paxton10 provide ‘Trigger and Actions’ which mean that administrators can easily create rules based on system events like a door opening or closing. You can set your system to switch off lights, heating or other electrical appliances when a room is no longer in use, to stop energy wastage.

In addition, you can create rules within a system to accomplish complex actions or control unique appliances, such as controlling the access and use of equipment, machinery or appliances in parts of a building.

Net2 - Occupancy Management

Net2 offers a recently developed Occupancy Management feature. Net2 Pro software can be set to quickly and easily manage the flow of people around your building and control the maximum number of people in any given area...

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Carson Living brings Remote Concierge technology to UK door entry systems

• Door intercom and access control to provide remote concierge service as Carson Living resident app comes to UK market
• Fully integrates with 2N and other leading third-party devices.

CIE are proud to introduce Carson, the one-app resident experience and 24/7 remote concierge service, as it enters the UK & European market for the first time.

Carson Living will be available in the UK through specialist IP Access Control distributors CIE-Group, adding to their growing portfolio of leading security brands including 2N, Axis, Akuvox and Quanika.

Carson fully integrates with 2N's leading IP access control & door intercom range as well as other third-party access devices, video monitoring and online payment brands - and has already taken the US MDU and multi-family building sector by storm.

Carson enables instant and streamlined property management in unmanned buildings and communication between residents, staff & management, as well as providing a 24/7 remote concierge support centre.

Commenting on CIE's latest addition to their growing range of IP solutions, CIE sales director Steve Collin commented: "Having provided innovative technology to the residential sector through 2N door entry solutions for many years, it's a natural fit for us to represent Carson in the 'high growth' build-to-rent market that provides developers and building owners the opportunity to improve on and provide services their tenants want and need together with reducing substantial costs with a clear return on investment. We can see this product being adopted as the go-to solution in the remote concierge market."

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SALTO Achieves Secured by Design Secure Connected Device Accreditation for IoT Products

SALTO Systems has become one of the first electronic access control manufacturers to achieve Secured by Design’s new "Secure Connected Device" accreditation for IoT products.

With the Government soon to introduce new legislation in the shape of the Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) Bill, coupled with a growing demand from Industry and current members seeking to gain accreditation for IoT products, Secured by Design has launched a new 'Secure Connected Device' accreditation scheme. 

The new scheme enables companies providing IoT connected products and services to demonstrate that their products have achieved the appropriate and relevant IoT standards and certifications from an Secured by Design recognised certification body.

Working closely with certification bodies who assess IoT products and services against all 13 provisions of the ETSI EN 303 645 standard, Secured by Design’s IoT device assessment, identifies the level of risk associated with an IoT device and its ecosystem, providing recommendations on the appropriate certification routes.

Once third party testing and independent certification for a product has been achieved, the product will be awarded Secured by Design’s "Secure Connected Device" accreditation, a unique and recognisable accreditation that will highlight products as having achieved the relevant IoT standards and certifications.

The requirements to obtain the Secure Connected Device accreditation are...

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CDVI Puts Sustainability First

Global access control manufacturer CDVI has been making changes across the business to improve sustainability. At the local country level as well as at the international group manufacturing level, CDVI aims to be a conscious and committed organisation. 

As a manufacturer of access control solution, security is CDVI’s priority. The mission is to balance the need for reliable, robust security with the need to adopt sustainable materials and practices.

The manufacturer has made changes to products, packaging, and practices to reduce its carbon footprint. All these factors are under constant review to drive for continuous improvement. 

Example: Magnetic architectural handles
CDVI’s range of architectural door handles with built-in electro-magnetic locks have been completely overhauled. From raw materials to packaging and shipping, the handles are more sustainable than ever. 

Initially, CDVI selected a new type of aluminium for the handles. Reduxa® is specially designed to be a low carbon aluminium. The carbon footprint per kilogram of Reduxa® produced is less than one quarter of the global average...

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Nedap Security Management Announces Enhanced AEOS Locker Management

Nedap Security Management introduces AEOS Locker Management a flexible, intuitive, and intelligent solution to the growing demand for safe and flexible storage space within the new business environment. Combining security functionality with locker management and access control, this newly announced solution differentiates Nedap Security Management within the market. 

Growing Need for Flexible Storage 
More people than ever now work in hybrid roles with variable working hours. This means the need for secure and flexible storage space is growing, especially for collaborative and shared working environments. This makes lockers an essential and valuable investment for many organisations embracing hybrid working methods. The intelligent AEOS Locker Management system works flexibly, intuitively, and can manage and secure an unlimited number and variety of lockers. From asset management to storage, and from cloakrooms to drop off locations, smart lockers have a variety of uses. 

One System, Various Access Possibilities  
AEOS Locker Management is an integral part of the AEOS platform, a well-known and industry-leading access control system used by many enterprise companies worldwide. By using a centralised system, management of access to doors and lockers is streamlined. 

The renewed system offers various possibilities for personal access in environments ranging from offices and schools to hospitals, gyms and beyond. The system is also customisable. For example, a locker can be assigned to one specific person or, if it is shared property, multiple authorised individuals...

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