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article added: 2017-09-12 16:46:40

ThreatQuotient and PhishMe Partner to Offer Advanced Detection and Defense of Phishing Attacks

ThreatQuotient™, a trusted threat intelligence platform innovator, today announced a strategic partnership with PhishMe® to enable security teams to normalise, enrich and track phishing threats in ThreatQ. As a leading provider of human-focused phishing defense solutions, PhishMe Intelligence™ identifies global phishing threats and provides organisations with the intelligence needed to address attacks that would otherwise go undetected.

Phishing remains a primary attack vector to infect endpoints, steal credentials or hold data for ransom. The integration of PhishMe Intelligence with the ThreatQ threat intelligence platform reduces the time between when attacks are launched and when reliable information is available. This improves the security team’s ability to accelerate detection and response of sophisticated phishing tactics. Together, the two platforms allow analysts to easily operationalise PhishMe Intelligence high-fidelity indicators. Additionally, PhishMe provides contextual human-readable reports to help analysts understand the adversary tactics and global criminal operations facing their organisation.

“Enterprises are increasingly susceptible to phishing attacks, and there is a significant need for tools that help security teams keep up with these tactics,” said Haig Colter, Director of Alliances, ThreatQuotient. “We are very excited to add PhishMe to our growing arsenal of partners, and are confident that this integration will better arm organisations with the contextual internal and external threat intelligence they need to disrupt attacks and prioritise their threat response.”

By integrating PhishMe Intelligence into the ThreatQ Threat Library, security teams are able to ingest indicators of phishing including payload URLs, command and control servers, malicious file hashes, and IP addresses. The ability to import human-readable reports allow analysts to easily link indicators with context; as well as extract and store phishing campaigns, malware families and artifacts. ThreatQ automates much of an analyst’s process to help accelerate the transformation of data into actionable intelligence, and give unmatched control over their threat operations and management. PhishMe Intelligence data is automatically prioritised based on each organisation’s unique environment, and ThreatQ empowers analysts to deploy the most relevant data to the sensor grid for blocking and detection.

“The ThreatQ platform offers analysts the ability to easily consume contextual details and gain a stronger understanding of what their data means in order to prioritise threats,” said Allan Carey, VP of Business Development, PhishMe. “We are proud to partner with ThreatQuotient to continue providing organisations with human-verified, actionable intelligence that leads to swift decision making and remediation of incidents.”

ThreatQuotient and PhishMe will host a live Tech Session on September 19, 2017 at 11:00amET to share more details about this integration. To join ThreatQuotient’s Director of Threat Intelligence Services, Michael Clark, and PhishMe’s Director of Technical Alliances, Mike Saurbaugh, for the “Catching Phish with PhishMe Intelligence and ThreatQ” webinar, please register here.

For more information about ThreatQuotient’s integrations and partnerships, please visit

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