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article added: 2017-09-12 13:00:13

Next generation of Illustra Flex 3MP IP cameras provides seamless video capture and viewing experience

Johnson Controls introduces the next generation of Illustra Flex 3MP Mini-Dome, Bullet and Box cameras with features such as P-iris lenses and TrickleStor technology to provide optimal image quality and reliability, and the convenience and efficiency of bandwidth management of the camera using Illustra IntelliZip compression technology.

Going beyond H.264 and H.265, the embedded Illustra IntelliZip technology monitors and then adjusts system streaming parameters, matching the camera’s field of view activity. The video quality is automatically adjusted when motion is detected to ensure detail quality is maintained. When activity ceases, the video adjusts and optimises the bitrate, helping to reduce network bandwidth usage and video storage requirements.

The new Illustra Flex cameras also feature TrickleStor, allowing the cameras to record video at the edge of the network, even if an outage takes place. The camera will detect an interruption or stoppage and begin to record video to its SD card. Once the connection between the camera and NVR resumes, TrickleStor will transfer the video from the SD card to the NVR, ensuring uninterrupted video.

The True Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) function available across the Flex family line allows cameras viewing a scene with high-contrasting lighting to balance shadows and highlights to maintain crisp image detail. This feature is ideal for camera deployments where windows or doors are areas of interest. The family of Flex 3MP cameras is also equipped with a P-iris lens system that works in conjunction with custom software algorithms to provide optimal image quality and sharpness in all possible lighting conditions.

“Providing a high-quality, seamless and economical video experience is at the heart of these latest Illustra Flex introductions. Whether it’s P-iris to ensure the clearest image, TrickleStor providing end-to-end recording failover, or IntelliZip to maximise bandwidth, we’re focused on meeting the needs of our customers on every front,” said Stuart Bettle, Video Product Marketing Manager, EMEA, Security Products, Building Technologies & Solutions, Johnson Controls.

The small, aesthetically pleasing Flex 3MP Mini Domes are available in indoor and outdoor versions, which are IP67-rated for protection against dust and water damage and IR illumination for improved low-light viewing. The Bullet model also offers an IP67-rated enclosure that protects against dust and water damage making it a top choice for parking lots, garages, loading docks and other areas exposed to the elements, while also serving as an exterior solution for schools and small to medium retail stores, banks and office buildings. The Flex 3MP Box camera is a flexible solution adaptable for any installation or application requirements.

All of the affordable Illustra Flex models offer True Day/Night functionality for recording in low-light conditions and True Wide Dynamic Range; provide motion detection for intruder alerts; and are ONVIF compliant. The Flex product family adheres to the rigorous security standards of the Tyco Security Products Cyber Protection Programme (CPP). The CPP is an extensive and systemic approach to developing, configuring, and supporting physical security products and systems that help manage the risks associated with cyber-attacks and meet IT security demands.

For more information about the Illustra Flex line of cameras, go to

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