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article added: 2017-07-28 14:11:29

Tiny Green PC enables connected, secure and stable CCTV monitoring systems with new Windows 10 IoT option

Tiny Green PC is releasing a portfolio of fanless compact PCs with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise, enabling a new generation of connected, secure and stable monitoring systems targeted around the Internet of Things revolution. The announcement follows a thorough evaluation of the OS, to enhance the company’s computer portfolio for the CCTV and video surveillance market.

Utilising Windows 10 IoT technology with Tiny Green’s range of PCs, CCTV monitoring systems can automatically and securely transfer critical data via the cloud to a central server to be stored, monitored and viewed remotely for applications such as CCTV surveillance, automatic number plate recognition, traffic management systems and more. Real-time alerts can be activated in cases of fire alarms, unauthorised access or movements with the addition of sensors or software.

Commenting, Viru Patel, Embedded and Computing Solutions Group Manager at Tiny Green PC said, “The need to connect devices has exploded especially with the growth of the Industrial Internet of Things. We have been monitoring Windows 10 IoT since its launch and completely appraised all the different versions and the benefits they could bring to Tiny Green PC customers. We selected Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB as the most appropriate OS for our customers. It is the OS for business, built from the ground up, offering the security and stability our customers are looking for. In combination with our highly customable fanless PCs, we have the next generation of industrial PCs supporting applications from security surveillance to mobile monitoring to process control.”

Commenting on this decision, Maxime Fazilleau, Product and Application Engineer at Tiny Green PC, and leader of the evaluation team, said: “Central to the LTSB version are the comprehensive Lock Down features, allowing designers and IT managers to have full control of the application and limit the ways in which an end user can interact with the device. This is valuable as it helps protect against user misuse and malicious attacks. As LTSB receives security updates only, customers know that their OS compatibility stays identical to when it was first installed – improving the product stability. We selected this OS because it is 100% business driven: ‘consumer oriented’ features of Windows 10 such as the Cortana assistant or the Edge browser are not available. “

Tiny Green PC is offering the Windows 10 IoT Enterprise LTSB version on ten of its most popular customisable fanless PC platforms from the entry level Fitlet-I to the IPC3 i7. Windows 10 IoT Embedded LTSB is available in three version types (Entry, Value or High End) according to the processor performance of the PC. Tiny Green PC will continue to offer Windows 7, Windows 10, Windows Embedded 7, Linux Mint, Ubuntu and other appropriate OS options on its Fanless computers and servers. Tiny Green PC offers extensive technical expertise and guidance to customers from the start of their projects to full support with a 5-year warranty.

For further information, please visit

Photo caption: Tiny Green PC’s Fanless PC with Windows 10 IoT Enterprise option

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