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article added: 2014-08-29 14:24:04

CriticalArc Revamps its Brand and Announces New SafeZone™ Heat Map Functionality

CriticalArc today announced a revamped identity along with significant new SafeZone product features. The rebranding follows a period of expansion for the Australian-based security technology business, in particular across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. The rebranding also includes a new website using the new visual identity.

The refreshed branding reflects the evolving functionality of CriticalArc’s SafeZone and the increasing demand for cost-effective distributed command and control solutions, driven by the need of large and multi-site organisations to improve their response to critical and everyday incidents, optimise security operations, and protect staff as well as physical assets.

Darren Chalmers-Stevens, Director of EMEA, CriticalArc, commented: “Our look may have changed, but our mission hasn’t. We continue to combine cloud computing technology with a deep understanding of security operations to challenge the traditional methods of securing multi-site and dispersed facilities. In doing so, we are strengthening and streamlining the capacity of our customers to be more responsive to threats and incidents while increasing efficiency. We will continue to enhance and develop SafeZone and extend its capability to enter new regions and markets.”

Delivered to customers this week, SafeZone’s new real-time Heat Map further empowers security and safety teams with intelligence needed to optimise operations. Heat Maps show the physical presence of a team over time, enabling security coordinators to see where personnel have visited, quickly identifying any gaps in coverage. Under increasing pressure to do more with existing resources, managers can now streamline operations with the confidence that they are using available team resources most effectively across their estates.

Glenn Farrant, CriticalArc founder and CEO, added: “As a technology led organisation, we are committed to build-on and extend SafeZone’s powerful capabilities, taking advantage of appropriate new technologies as they happen. Our customers are guaranteed that they will be employing the very best solution to increase their operational service efficiency, close security gaps and respond faster, more effectively to incidents without adding resources or fixed infrastructure. We will further extend the new SafeZone real-time Heat Map functionality with reporting tools and management dashboards as one of many innovative developments on our product roadmap.”

Deployed in hours, SafeZone delivers truly mobile and flexible command and control out in the field as well as in control room environments. The field functions are so powerful, many CriticalArc customers have cancelled plans to build control rooms, with huge savings. For end-users SafeZone represents having a Help Point in their pocket, so any further capital investments in fixed Help Points are completely unnecessary. With zero-cost mass notifications and a lone worker check-in feature, SafeZone enables cross-campus collaboration and coordination during major incidents as well as making everyday team operations more efficient across multiple sites that can be located anywhere globally.

CriticalArc is headline sponsor at the Tertiary Education Management Conference in Cairns, Australia on 31 August to 03 September 2014, where CriticalArc customer, Dominic Marafioti of the University of South Australia will present a paper entitled, “Implementing a Smartphone Based Incident Coordination & Control System at Six Australian Universities”. For more information, email [email protected] or visit

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