GMS Business Communications is a forward thinking publishing and creative company that is always looking for the next innovation. We are your Publishing & Design Partner bringing a fresh perspective to every project, providing innovative ideas to challenging situations.

About Us...

2020 will see GMS Business Communications enter its 20 year of trading, it was founded by Henry and Karen who have over 56 years combined experience within the UK and US publishing and design industry. Over the years we have surrounded ourselves with a great team of creative, resourceful and commercially minded professionals with experience in publishing, design, copy writing and marketing.

We have worked with some of the biggest names in publishing in the UK & USA and have become a specialist in the UK Security Industry. We publish our own online publication and produce a weekly newsletter with regular products based features as well as covering all the major UK Shows.

We take on publishing roles on behalf of corporations & organisations for In-house publications, B2B publications & Consumer publications. Whether it be in a full service role, layout & design, media sales or social media.

We focus on the client's needs, helping corporate, & manufacturing clients communicate their key strategic messages clearly and effectively. We have extensive experience in all aspects of graphic design, and our areas of expertise cover our full range of services.


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Digital Publishing...

Below is a list of clients we work with and the services we supply....


Bristish Security Industry Asscociation

Service Supplied - Email Blast Design & Distribution, Contract Publishing


Bosch Security Systems UK

Service Supplied - Email Blast Design & Distribution, Banner Advert Design


CSL Group

Service Supplied - Email Blast Design & Distribution, Banner Advert Design



Service Supplied - Banner Adverts, Email Blast Design & Distribution


Nedap Security

Service Supplied - Banner Adverts, Email Blast Design & Distribution


Paxton Access

Service Supplied - Banner Advertising, Email Blast Design & Distribution


Salto Systems

Service Supplied - Banner advertsing, Email Blast Design & Distribution



Service Supplied - Website Design, Email Blast Design & Distribution, Content Management


Third Millennium

Banner advertsing, Email Blast Design & Distribution


Times Publishing

Service Supplied - Website Management, Design & Layout of printed magaizne, Advert Design, Media Sales



Service Supplied - Email Blast Design & Distribution



Print Publishing...

Glass Times

Published by - Times Publishing


Service we supply - Website, Email Shots, Email Newsletter, Advertising Sales, Page Layout & Adverts Design


Glass Times magazine is seen by over 10,564 professionals each month. is promoted heavily through each issue of Glass Times influencing the people that matter in the glass and glazing industry.

Glass Times magazine provides a responsive advertising platform as the industry reads and respects it, now offers an extended online platform. runs regular items such as: News, Opinions, Events, New Products, and Company Profiles.


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Henry Lott
Publishing Partner

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Karen Lott
Publishing Partner
Tel: +44 (0) 1548 521862 / +44 (0) 7533 100246
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